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Update history

09-23-2021 DSM-9 v2.0 release
09-12-2021 Improved site theme
Improved blog styling
DSM-9 v1.1 release (project page pending)
09-11-2021 Improved contrast for all site content
Improved page load performance
Fixed blog's RSS feed link
08-10-2021 Updated venti notes
07-05-2021 Published Allowchain: federated git project list
06-29-2021 Published tricarbon naming document
06-09-2021 Replaced tricarbon architectural draft with newer revision
Published older c3 architectural design drafts
Published in-progress tricarbon architecture design
Published in-progress c3 IR design
06-08-2021 Cleaned /tmp
Added links to pkg and ANTS ideas/tentative plans
Added contact page
Published old coyote pages
Published tricarbon design drafts
06-07-2021 Improved styling
Dropped "under construction" notice
Added site icon
Noted presence on libera.chat
09-26-2020 Updated Zany80 site to 0.2
09-06-2020 Touched up the index page
Migrated over the Zany80 site
07-30-2020 Migrated over the blog