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lu9 – Lua for Plan 9 space

lu9 is an umbrella project providing a native Plan 9 port of the Lua library and several other libraries and programs built on top of it.

The project is currently comprised of the following:

Check the respective repositories for more information.

lu9(1) standalone interpreter

Building and installing

Building and installing lu9 is simple: grab this repository, pull the dependencies, and run mk install.

; git/clone https://git.sr.ht/~kvik/lu9
; mk pull
; mk install

Only the lu9 binary and Lua modules get installed into the system. The binary is statically linked so no C libraries have to be installed.


Check the lu9(1) manual page for more information.

; man lu9


All of my original work is released under the MIT license, the same license used by Lua and LPeg.