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Zig backends for people who picked INT as their dump stat

Hello again! This would be the second post this month, but after I decided not to publish an angry rant over how stupid everyone in America is being right now (largely because I decided that that would also be stupid), this is promoted to the first post in nearly three months.

Holy Language Wars, Batman!

I mentioned in my post about Zig (which was titled “Programming Languages” because I wrote that post at around 3 in the morning and 3 AM me is about as creative as your typical… thing that isn’t creative) that I prefer C to C++, especially for systems work. That apparently bothered some people who are under the impression that C++ is vastly better in every area than C, so I decided to publish a rebuttal.

Programming languages

Programming languages are weird, without exception. Each language is odd in its own way, but all languages can quite easily be categorized. C is “low-level” and a “systems language,” C++ is “high-level” and full of “meta-programming” and “zero-overhead abstractions”, JavaScript is “garbage collected”, “interpeted”, and so on.